4 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Customer Service

January 7, 2020

Does your business have responsive social media? Have you put thought into your online customer service? If not, it’s time that you do. It’s great to use social platforms to update your audience on new products or services but it’s also so important that your platforms are responsive. According to data from CallCenter Hosting, around 80% of consumers use social media to engage with businesses. People are becoming more inclined to go to your Facebook page rather than call you to ask you a question. Here four tips to improve…


Benefits of Influencer Marketing

October 14, 2019

Social media has become a huge part of our lives and it has allowed regular people to make themselves and their lifestyle a brand. More and more consumers are turning to social media “influencers” for their thoughts, opinions, and experiences of certain products and brands and basing their decisions off of them. Marketers are paying attention to this behavior and according to emarketer.com, 86% of marketers have a budget for influencers. Does your business follow suit? Benefits of having social media influencers: – The audience trusts the influencer’s opinions and…


Social Media Marketing Mistakes

October 8, 2019

Social media has become a main source of advertising for many businesses. And while it can be very lucrative and a more cost efficient way to advertise, there are many mistakes that you can make. Here are 5 mistakes you should avoid… Not having a clear strategy It is important to have a clear idea of what your goals for your business are and how you are going to achieve them. If your business is just starting on social media that’s great! However, you need to be able to sustain…


10 Tips to Help Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page

July 30, 2019

Is your LinkedIn company page optimized for engagement? While much of the engagement on LinkedIn takes place on a personal level, don’t overlook the potential of your business’s LinkedIn page. Your company page can serve as a valuable channel to communicate and engage with your community – plus, new features for company pages are always being released, helping to make them an even more useful tool in your social media marketing arsenal. Accuracy of profile information – Add your company’s website URL, phone number, and information using the various fields…