Does Your Content Have These Four Elements?

We all know content is king. But how do we know if the content we’re putting out there is effective or successful? We could dig into the analytics of it all but first let’s check that our content has the following four elements:

  1. Continuity

    Are you putting out content consistently, and is it easily read/watched? How often are you pushing content out?

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  2. Authenticity

    Is your content authentic to your company’s vision and voice? Will people feel like they are talking to a real, live person or a robot?

  3. Relevance

    Is the content relevant to current events and/or your industry?

  4. Interactivity

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    Is there a call-to-action for your followers to comment, subscribe, like, etc.? Can they easily ask questions via social media and get a fast response?









Keeping these four elements in mind while creating new content can help keep you on track and, ultimately, be successful in the content you create.

Thanks to AMA for inspiration.