5 ways agencies showcase their culture on Twitter

February 25, 2019

Creative agencies should be using social media to set themselves apart from the rest. You can do this by showcasing client work, leadership, new clients, employees, and work culture.

Here are a few ways to display your company’s creative culture on Twitter.

  • Show examples of team building and team bonding – How does your agency build relationships among team members? Maybe you go to a baseball game together, take a trip, go out for drinks after work, bring in cookies or treats on a Friday. Whatever it may be, capture those moments and share them. Photos and videos are great to help potential clients understand who your team of people are.
  • Allow your team to share real insights – Showcase recent client work, an award that your company was given, or even something as simple as a quote from a team leader.
  • Explore how you serve customers – What’s unique about the way you work or the way yo collaborate with customers? This is provide an interesting lens on how you stand out from the rest.
  • Showcase your team’s different creative muscles – What does your day in the life look like at your creative agency? Highlight your agency’s projects, work, and employees to build interest around your team’s culture.
  • Shine a spotlight on your culture though job ads – You culture subtly shapes every aspect of your agency’s identity. Look at everything you’re sharing. What’s your unique voice and perspective?

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Laura Schaub
Content and Social Media Strategist. Small business owner, dog mom, and coffee lover.