How to Craft Responsive Email Campaigns

November 13, 2018

The new year is just around the corner. What better way to start fresh in 2019 than with revamped emails? Do you want to create better-looking email but don’t know how? We’re here to teach you how. Take a look at these tips from Social Media Today to create your most successful marketing email yet. The key points you want to focus on are: Subject Line Quality Images Text CTA (Call To Action) Mobile Responsive Let’s break these down a bit… Subject Line This is the most important part. Your…


Holiday Content Ideas for Your Business

October 23, 2018

It’s here – the busy season. Holidays are approaching fast so make sure you are taking advantage of this golden time! Holiday content can really help to boost your reach with your audience and gain traffic to your site. Consumers are beginning to prepare and celebrate their favorite holidays. As a business, you can be using this time to create meaningful holiday content to connect your brand to customers! Stand out from the rest with eye-catching deals, creative imagery, and more. Here are some holiday content ideas for your business:…


Google Doc Hacks to Boost Productivity

September 19, 2018

Google Docs is one of the tools most widely used by small businesses and entrepreneurs these days. It can help you squeeze the most out of every hour and run your business more effectively. But are you using it as efficiently as possible? Here are some ideas that can help you optimize it. Color Coding –  Did you know that you can color code your folders in Google Docs? Yeah, it’s a thing. It’s good to sort your documents into folders to make materials easy to find and organized. By…


4 Social Media Misconceptions that Could Affect Your Company

August 15, 2018

It’s all happened to us… we make a post on social media only to find that it received 2 likes and reached only 10 people. Yikes – we immediately go for that “delete” button. It’s okay, though, practice makes perfect. Developing an engaging social media strategy takes time. Here are some misconceptions of social media that could be hurting your company’s engagement online: Overvaluing vanity metrics There have been many studies done that prove dopamine is released any time we receive a like or share on social media. Don’t let…