Does Your Content Have These Four Elements?

July 25, 2017

We all know content is king. But how do we know if the content we’re putting out there is effective or successful?


People Are Posting Pics of Their Fake Campsites on Insta

July 20, 2017

@youdidnotsleepthere is on a noble quest to call out Instagrammers who post photos of a fake campsite and claim to have actually slept there. Luisa Jeffrey started the satire account after a trip to the Grand Canyon, when a friend kept suggesting to set up camp in crazy locations “just for the photos.” It was in that moment she knew she needed to fight this cruel, cruel epidemic. Written with help from Mashable.


Google AdWords

July 6, 2017

Are you still a bit confused by the wonder (and frustration) that is Google AdWords? Are you looking for a new way to bring more attention to your brand? Do you want to sound smarter when talking to your boss/colleague/newest Bumble match? Well, I’m not a know-it-all, but I know a little, and I’m here to help.


When Selfies are a Bad Idea

June 21, 2017

In honor of #NationalSelfieDay. Believe me, we love a good selfie. But we all can admit there are times when we should not use them. We’ve made a list of them for your reading pleasure. Using one as your LinkedIn profile picture Just don’t do it. It looks unprofessional. And no, you won’t get away with it if you’re in an “artsy” field. Trust me. If you’re at Memorials/Concentration Camps/Funerals/Cemeteries/Holy Sites I mean, really? I’m sad I have to even include this one.  While driving I know, I know, you…