People Are Posting Pics of Their Fake Campsites on Insta

July 20, 2017

@youdidnotsleepthere is on a noble quest to call out Instagrammers who post photos of a fake campsite and claim to have actually slept there. Luisa Jeffrey started the satire account after a trip to the Grand Canyon, when a friend kept suggesting to set up camp in crazy locations “just for the photos.” It was in that moment she knew she needed to fight this cruel, cruel epidemic. Written with help from Mashable.


When Selfies are a Bad Idea

June 21, 2017

In honor of #NationalSelfieDay. Believe me, we love a good selfie. But we all can admit there are times when we should not use them. We’ve made a list of them for your reading pleasure. Using one as your LinkedIn profile picture Just don’t do it. It looks unprofessional. And no, you won’t get away with it if you’re in an “artsy” field. Trust me. If you’re at Memorials/Concentration Camps/Funerals/Cemeteries/Holy Sites I mean, really? I’m sad I have to even include this one.  While driving I know, I know, you…


Why Yik Yak Failed

May 8, 2017

If you haven’t already heard, Yik Yak has officially shut down. Once valued at $400 million, creators Tyler and Brooks called it quits on April 27 and noted that some of the team will join Square, which is also based in Atlanta. The more I thought about it, the more I wondered why Yik Yak failed. It seemed to be all the rage on college campuses, providing students with a source of gossip and a platform to complain about assignments, teachers, etc., under the comfort of anonymity. So what happened?…


What We Can Learn from United Airlines

April 12, 2017

If you haven’t already heard, United Airlines is facing some serious backlash (and do I smell a lawsuit?) after forcing a passenger off of one of its over-booked flights to make room for an employee. The man refused to give up his seat, and ultimately, was dragged out of the airplane.