3 Snapchat Breakthroughs for Brands and Businesses

In 2011 the social media app launched with many people calling it a passing fad. Over the past few years though, Snapchat has become a platform where businesses can push out live content to their 150 million+ users. And while Snapchat is not for every company, it has the opportunity to give followers an inside look into their operation. The following are 3 Snapchat breakthroughs for brands.

Provide Exclusive Content
Snapchat allows businesses to feed videos and images that their followers are unable to get anywhere else. For that reason, brands are able to give a more personable experience in order to better engage their audience. Big brands like Coca-Cola have hired popular social media personalities that help drive social reach to the younger demographic by delivering fun-filled content not found on any other platforms.

Access to Live Events
From award shows, to sporting events, to trade shows, Snapchat has been evolving the way we are able to watch live events. The days of scrolling through Twitter feeds to stay updated are over. Snapchat gives the opportunity for people from all over the world to watch user-generated videos that provided a realistic view of current events. Keep an eye out this summer as Snapchat will be giving it’s users access to the biggest live event in the world, as they partner with NBC to deliver live event coverage of the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

Personalized Filters
If you have ever used Snapchat before, odds are you have played with filters. These give the opportunity to users to add personality and uniqueness to any snap video or picture they send. Filters options are either sponsored by a company or set by a geo-tagged location. Brands have taken advantage by creating filters that upstart buzz around a featured product or campaign. Most recently, Taco Bell made a filter that turned any user’s face into a taco. It was viewed by over a reportedly 224 million times and currently holds the title as Snapchat’s most successful campaign yet.