4 Mistakes You May Be Making on LinkedIn

For years, LinkedIn was seen as our parents platform for social media, and it was. But, as the younger generation I currently reside in found themselves in the professional working world, LinkedIn caught up with the major social media platforms, but also found a way to become one of the most utilized technologies for HR departments and job recruiters.

With the click of a button you can send in job applications and resumes and learn a bit more about the person applying. However, many of us take LinkedIn for granted and it could be costing us countless interview opportunities. Here are 4 mistakes you’re probably making on LinkedIn:

1. No Picture = No Point in Having a Profile
If you are reading this and you actually don’t have a picture for your LinkedIn profile, stop reading, take your Facebook profile picture (because we all know you have a Facebook), and make that your LinkedIn profile picture. Businesses and companies are just as guilty as all of us for “Facebook Stalking”, or in this case “LinkedIn Stalking”. They want to know what you look like, so give them something to work with. Make sure it’s professional and inviting. Leave the red solo cup, duck-face selfies and Frat Bro pictures on your Facebook page… Actually, just delete them all together, we’re grown-ups now.

2. This Isn’t Twitter, People. Proofread Your Work
There really isn’t much to say here. Potential employers are looking at your profiles and having one grammatical error is enough to deter them. Here’s a helpful tip, after writing or re-writing a good amount of your profile, have a friend or significant other proof it. A fresh pair of eyes is all it needs sometimes.

3. Leave The Glory Days Behind You
Oh, you were an “intern” at your father’s investment company when you were a sophomore in high school and you gave a presentation with him in your accounting class? Great, no one cares. Honestly. Leave everything and anything you accomplished in high school out of your LinkedIn profile. Why? Because it’s irrelevant and shows that you haven’t accomplished anything since. Instead, focus on your college accomplishments, professional accomplishments or really any other accomplishments. Just leave the glory days behind you.

4. 500+ Connections and 0 Recommendations
How many times do we get LinkedIn invitations from someone we don’t know, but we see they have 500+ connections and immediately accept their invitation? Stop doing that! Are you ready for a cliché? It’s not the quantity that matters, but the quality. If you have 500+ connections with people you don’t know, are they going to give you recommendations? Of course not. Only connect with those you know or those you have some sort of professional connection to.