4 Social Media Misconceptions that Could Affect Your Company

It’s all happened to us… we make a post on social media only to find that it received 2 likes and reached only 10 people. Yikes – we immediately go for that “delete” button. It’s okay, though, practice makes perfect. Developing an engaging social media strategy takes time.

Here are some misconceptions of social media that could be hurting your company’s engagement online:

Overvaluing vanity metrics
There have been many studies done that prove dopamine is released any time we receive a like or share on social media. Don’t let this fool you, sometimes it’s not about all the likes or retweets. We can’t use likes as an indictor of our success. Always remember that social media is meant to be social! If you’ve shared a link, try looking at the metrics of that post. How many clicks did you get on the link? 50? 80? You’ll probably find you got more clicks than likes and that’s okay. That’s good. So instead of feeling discouraged next time you don’t get a lot of likes, pay attention to how strong your engagement is or how long people stay on your page.

Ignoring dark social shares
What are dark social shares you may ask? Well, they are links that are copied and pasted into platforms rather than shared via the traditional share button. Because of this way of sharing, it’s very hard to track. Some brands may feel like cutting back on certain stories, but in reality they would be missing out.

Posting the wrong content at the right times
It’s true. Timing does matter when it comes to social media. You need to have a strategy in place in order to see success. Keep in mind, posting at the right time isn’t enough. It’s important to make sure your content is unique and relevant, as well. Posting poor content at optimal times won’t be good for business.

Experimenting with the wrong sites
Just because a social media platform exists doesn’t mean your company needs to be on it. It may be tempting to have a profile on every site but if a certain platform isn’t going to serve you, then don’t create it. It’s all about fit. If you feel like something isn’t working, stop, and adapt to something new.

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