5 Bad Marketing Habits to Drop in 2019

The new year is just around the corner. It’s the perfect time to shed your company of any poor habits and start fresh! Below are 5 bad marketing habits that marketers should focus on dropping in 2019. We know habits can be hard to break, but breaking free of these will help you and your company to be more effective and efficient.

Getting bogged down by data – Analytics and media insights has become a very valuable tool to all marketers. It’s important not to get overwhelmed or disorganized with all of the data that is flowing in. If you begin to use every website’s analytics tool and social media channels, you may find that the data will differ. Using multiple tools can lead to inconsistency and frustration. In 2019 try to focus on fewer analytic tools and more on consistent tracking.

Having too many or too few CTAs – Does your content have appropriate Call-To-Actions? Make sure you are being clear with your messages. Too many CTAs can risk negative results like poor bounce rates. Too few CTAs can risk users losing interest quickly. So, come 2019 be prepared! Add clear Call-To-Actions to your content.

Posting erratically on social media – An irregular social media schedule is a bad habit to have. It’s important to create a consistent strategy and planned out content. If you aim to consistently post 1-2 times per day your audience will surely grow.

Mass emailing random people – There’s no place for mass emailing non-subscribers in 2019. Mass emailing, especially to non-subscribers, is the equivalent of junk mail. It can hurt your branding and is seen as an ineffective, outdated technique. Avoid this habit in 2019 and focus on sending intriguing emails with clear CTAs to encourage conversions.

Not adding to the marketing toolbox – Marketing is every-changing so make sure you are changing with it! Updating your marketing “toolbox” is necessary in such a competitive place. Take the time this new year to learn new skills and test new tools.

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