5 Digital Marketing Tips for 2016

Digital marketing can make or break a company’s brand, image, sales and overall business. It is one of the only marketing avenues that lets you reach a wide audience while being able to track sales and record data in real time, giving you the knowledge of how your marketing campaigns are performing. Here are a few umbrella tips to guide you in the right direction for your 2016 digital marketing pursuits.

Digital marketing campaigns that have no data collection are really just shots in the dark. Almost everything we do now can, and should, be analyzed by concrete data. Without numbers, how do you know what works and what doesn’t?

There is a reason Facebook is the largest social networking website. People use it! And if there are people, there are marketers. But, Facebook also has top-level analytics, advertising technology and more. Marketing on Facebook really is a no-brainer.

There will always be a place for brick and mortar businesses, but with the continued rise in online shopping, now is the time to give your business the E-commerce outlet it needs.

Responsive Design
This should have been a no-brainer for a few years now. If you aren’t building responsively, you’re building a terrible site. Search engines will dock you, your mobile viewers will despise you, and you’ll ultimately lose potential viewers and customers.

No Visuals = No Views
Great copy alone doesn’t cut it anymore. But, great copy paired with great visuals is marketing gold. With extremely short attention spans of today’s viewers, the visual needs to draw them in, and the copy needs to convey the message. Think of visuals and copy like peanut butter and jelly…