5 Things You Probably Never Knew About Google

Everyone knows how to “Google”, right? You type anything into that magical little bar and millions of links, both relevant and irrelevant, are aggregated in milliseconds. It’s pretty great, even though it can take all the fun out of trivia night at the local pub. Google is also the gatekeeper for SEO. They love to challenge us and make us change the way we provide SEO solutions to our clients, and we love it. But, did you know you could play Atari Breakout with Google images? Well here are 5 fun ways you can use Google… other than to just “Google” stuff.

Flip a Coin
How many times do you and your friends need to settle a simple dispute, choose a restaurant or pick a movie to watch, and all you really need is a coin to flip? Well it’s 2015 and no one has cash or coins on them. Head to Google and simply search “flip a coin”, and voila, you can flip a coin and finally decide what restaurant you’re going to.

Zerg Rush
Google it. Just Google it.

Calculate Tip
Now this is one of those super practical and useful additions Google made to their search engine. You know when you receive your bill after a Friday night dinner and your tab is all odd numbers and you cannot, for the life of you, figure out the tip without busting out your high school graphing calculator? Well, simply Google “calculate tip” and you’ll be good to go.

Google in 1998
This one is relatively self-explanatory. When you search “Google in 1998”, the entire interface reverts to how it was designed in 1998. Very cool to see how things changed, but more importantly, how things really stayed the same. At it’s core, it’s the exact same, just with an insanely larger amount of websites and links to sift through.

Atari Breakout
Who doesn’t love playing Atari Breakout? This is a fun, hidden gem for those who work in corporate offices and have certain websites flagged or blocked. But, I’ll warn you; you’re going to play until you win, or until the clock hit’s 5pm.

It’s been fun growing up with platforms like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and tracking their evolution. Some change drastically, some fade and some stay the exact same. So here’s to you Google! Thanks for letting us procrastinate in new and exciting ways.