6 Important User-Friendly Characteristics of a Website

A user-friendly website performs well, helps lower the bounce rate, and can even boost your user interactions dramatically. Here are six important characteristics.

A website that looks good and performs well is important but equally important is the user experience. In terms of your website, good usability is all about ensuring your visitors can find the information they are after easily and quickly.


Mobile responsive design

Given that a lot of people use their mobile devices to use the Internet, it is important to create a mobile-friendly website. Begin by checking how your website appears on mobile devices. You can use a Mobile-Friendly Test Tool by Google

A mobile responsive design offers the ideal solution. A mobile responsive website will adapt to the size of the device it’s accessed on to offer the best user experience.

Your visitors should be able to navigate and use your website without having to zoom-pinch or squint.



A user-friendly website is accessible to all types of users including the disabled, blind, or the elderly. Such users primarily rely on screen readers to use the Internet. Ensure that your website can be accessed effortlessly by screen-readers.


Easy readability

Most Internet users simply skim through the content of a website instead of reading the entire text. Format your content such that the users can easily and quickly scan the essential parts of your page.

Use headings, sub-headings, paragraphs, and bulleted lists to break your text. This way, visitors can quickly scan your content and even read your content easily.


Fast load-time

Nothing is more frustrating for your visitors than waiting forever for your website to load.

If your website is slow to load, your visitors are sure to leave right a way. Ensure that your website takes no more than 3-6 seconds to load. That’s the perfect range for good usability.

Your website’s load time also affects your search rankings. If your site is suffering from a slow load time, ask your web design agency to take a look. We can suggest many remedies to fix this issue and when that’s not feasible, we would recommend a new website build.


User-friendly forms 

Forms are a critical part of a business website. Forms help users to interact with your website and are a great way to generate leads for your business. Ensure that the forms on your site are easy to use. Use appropriate labels for each field. Keep the number of fields to a bare minimum. Avoid asking for a lot of personal information. Make sure the form is responsive so it can be used on multiple devices.


Fresh content

Update your website frequently with relevant content. Hero Banner, Products, Mash-up Pages, News, and Social Posts are all areas that can get folks to your site and keep them coming back. Search engines like traffic and traffic help search-rankings.

Website usability makes a great difference to the success of your business website. Looking to build a new website? Contact Foresite Group today.