Benefits of Influencer Marketing

Social media has become a huge part of our lives and it has allowed regular people to make themselves and their lifestyle a brand. More and more consumers are turning to social media “influencers” for their thoughts, opinions, and experiences of certain products and brands and basing their decisions off of them. Marketers are paying attention to this behavior and according to, 86% of marketers have a budget for influencers. Does your business follow suit?

Benefits of having social media influencers:
– The audience trusts the influencer’s opinions and suggestions
– Audience willingly opts in to seeing the advertisement by following the influencer
– Audience is eager to view the influencers content
– Allows you to target a broad or niche audience
– Allows you to reach your desired audience quicker than some other forms of advertising
– Boosts SEO by having the influencer link to your site, such as giving the influencer an affiliate link or promo code that is specific to them
– More often than not it is more cost efficient that traditional advertising
– Influencer creates content for you to use in the future

In conclusion, if you select the right influencer for your brand you could see substantial benefits. Social media influencers allow you to get to your audience faster and in a way that is less invasive than other forms of advertising. It allows the audience to be introduced to your brand by someone that already holds a level of trust with the consumer. Will your company make the shift and trust the influencers on our favorite social media apps?