Brenner Brewing Co. Home Page Mock-up

Working in an area of Milwaukee founded on originality, ingenuity & inspiration, it’s easy to notice a wide variety of breweries, coffee shops, artist studies, creative agencies, boutiques, new development & businesses located within buildings that are preserved with original cast iron signage and hand painted advertisements. Our daily commute & neighborhood hangouts often leave us inspired, which may spark a discussion over a friendly game of table tennis. The discussion sometimes will lead to brainstorming, which potentially could become a mock-up.
The mock-up idea stemmed from our daily routines and establishments we frequent and became a way to balance the work/life thing to work on more personalized projects without deadlines, guidelines or limits to essentially, “see what would happen,” which also keeps us fresh on our toes. Breweries are no secret to anyone living in Milwaukee, let alone the Walkers Point neighborhood, so after attending the bottle release of Brenner’s Witchcraft we decided to sit down and mock up a homepage that has a heavy emphasis on Art, Events & of course, Beer.

brenner brewing co.

Brenner Mock