Case Study: The Charles E. Kubly Foundation

Last year, we updated the Charles E. Kubly Foundation website. The foundation “seeks to better the lives of those affected by depression by increasing public awareness of the disease and its devastating effects, eliminating the stigma associated with it, supporting suicide prevention programs and promoting improved access to quality mental health resources within communities,” and hosts the local Beyond the Blues event each year in the late Summer.

They came to us with the following website:

The most important update was to make the site responsive, but also to make it more visual and easy-to-understand. Our goal with every website is to give visitors an immediate sense of what the organization is about; in this case, improving the lives of those with depression. We wanted to feature the BTB event more predominantly to get people interested in participating. In addition, we thought that including the inspiration for the organization, Charles E. Kubly, was important to keep on the homepage.

With those ideas in mind, our creative director came up with the following home page:

Since the launch of the site last year, we saw a decrease in the bounce rate from 74.27% to 65.52%, and an increase in average session durations from 00:01:19 to 00:01:31. Visitors are able to find the information they needed quickly and efficiently (lowering the bounce rate), without feeling overwhelmed and deciding to give up entirely (increasing the average session duration).

If you think this is something your current website could use, feel free to contact us. Let’s create something!