Google Doc Hacks to Boost Productivity

Google Docs is one of the tools most widely used by small businesses and entrepreneurs these days. It can help you squeeze the most out of every hour and run your business more effectively. But are you using it as efficiently as possible? Here are some ideas that can help you optimize it.

  1. Color Coding –  Did you know that you can color code your folders in Google Docs? Yeah, it’s a thing. It’s good to sort your documents into folders to make materials easy to find and organized. By right clicking on any folder, you are able to “change color” and choose from a variety of colors.
  2. Conference Calls – Through the apps for G Suite you are able to book conference calls and collaborate directly with employees, project members, or whoever you are working with.
  3. Templates – Google Docs offers pre-made templates for your convenience. Modify any of them to fit your brand. From invoices to business letters there’s a template that could work for you.
  4. Add a Signature – By adding the “PandaDoc” add-on you are able to insert your signature to a document from any device.
  5. Voice to Type – Find the Voice Typing tool in your Google Docs settings. It provides ease and convenience, especially when typing up drafts!
  6. Fax Without a Fax Machine – Still need to fax something but don’t have a fax machine? That’s A-OK! the HelloFax add-on allows you to fax documents through Google Docs.

Get more done in less time with productivity tools such as Google Docs. Give it a try. Have any other tips and tricks? We would love to hear from you!

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