Is Your Contact Page Hurting You?

Don’t panic and take down your Contact Page. In fact, your Contact Page is great weapon in your arsenal to generate leads, start conversations and gain customers. However, there are a few elements to your Contact Page that can either help you or hurt you.

To tip my hat to the cliché gods: Content Is King. It’s a profusely overused, misused and unoriginal statement, but it’s the truth. The content on your Contact Page is your main attraction, so it better be working for you. Simply stating, “Contact Us” with a form isn’t going to lure people into starting a conversation. Give your viewers a reason to contact you. Let them know you’re human and that their message won’t end up in a spam folder. Give them a time frame for the best times to contact you, let them know you’re ready to answer any and all questions, and let them know they will be hearing from a human shortly. Not an automated message from a heartless robot.

Are you utilizing call to actions? CTA’s help push people who are on the fence about reaching out to you. CTA’s are essentially reasons why an individual should reach out to you. They can come in the form of buttons, links, integrated content and beyond. Are you currently using or thinking about using a CTA button? Make sure you think about the colors you use, it can make the world of difference. As humans, we instinctually connect the color green with go/safe/continute/etc. And, we connect red with stop/bad/no/etc. So, when creating a CTA button, stick to the color scheme of your website, or use a shade of green or blue.

If the form you create for your Contact Page is confusing, long and makes the user jump through hoops just to send a message to you, your inbox is most likely empty. Sometimes people just want to know where you’re located, what your hours are, or if they can come check out your office. Make their experience with your website the best it can be. You don’t want your potential customers to remember your site for being hard to navigate, confusing or all together terrible.

First impressions are everything; I know, another cliché that is horrendously unoriginal yet true. Make sure it’s a good one. So, take some time and look at your Contact Page. Put yourself in the shoes of someone who has never seen your brand. Would you fill out that Contact Us form?