Jim’s Cheese

We recently updated the branding for Jim’s Cheese, a cheese distributor in Waterloo, Wis. They came to us with the following:

When companies come to us looking for new designs, we find it important to keep the overall “feel” of the current designs and maybe make them more aesthetically pleasing, cohesive, and/or modern. You will rarely see us completely overhaul a company’s logo, packaging or website because we believe you know your company better than anyone else. You know its story, vision and mission more than we do, and chances are that shows in your current designs. Additionally, a complete overhaul can confuse long-time customers who are looking for consistency.

Here’s what we created for Jim’s Cheese:


As you can see, the heart of the designs is still there. The little cheese wedge, phrasing and colors keep the designs familiar yet updated.



To learn more about Jim’s Cheese, check out their website! We’ve heard (but don’t know from experience¬†😉¬†) that they have the spiciest cheese in America.