Millennial Entrepreneurs Flocking to Milwaukee

Milwaukee, an old industrial city at heart, has been widely known for its manufacturing and breweries. Millennials are changing that narrative as more of them are flocking to the city, giving the name NEWaukeemore than one meaning. They are creating a fresh-modern scene that was lacking from the streets before.

When the manufacturing companies started moving overseas over the past few decades, it left Milwaukee with plenty of vacant warehouses and factories. Recently, investors have come in and taken advantage of the low-cost real estate and converting it to livable-workable space where young people have used it as a playground of innovation and creativity. At Foresite Group we ourselves have built our company’s office in a transformed warehouse in Bay View, where everyday our work is inspired by the character and inventiveness of our surroundings.

The growth we’re seeing in Milwaukee is just the beginning. In addition to areas such as The Third Ward, Bay View and Walker’s Point where companies are moving to from the suburbs, new developers are now investing money into the city’s downtown as well. The new Buck’s stadium and accompanying entertainment district that is currently being built is expected to revitalize the city blocks as money is being poured into the area. More recently though, a new project was announced to revitalize Grand Avenue’s historic Plankinton building that will bring open-concept offices and a unique shopping experience true to Milwaukee.

With affordable real estate and population growth, Milwaukee is now attracting people and businesses from neighboring cities such as Chicago. As long as millennials can handle the cold and enjoy drinking beer, Milwaukee serves as a great canvas for creativity and innovation.

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