Mobilegeddon. Are You Prepared?

Google is changing up their mobile ranking algorithm and you better listen up. Starting on April 21st, Google’s mobile ranking algorithm changed to favor those website who are actually mobile friendly. What does this mean? If you have a website that wasn’t built with responsive design, your website will drop in the mobile rankings. Therefore, when people Google “Milwaukee’s best burger” on their mobile device; be it a phone, tablet, etc., those burger joints that have a website with responsive design will rank much higher than those with non-responsive design.

Why are they doing this? First and foremost, they are rewarding those websites that have taken the time and effort to deliver a superior website to all of their following. Take a quick look at your Google Analytics. I can guarantee your mobile users have increased significantly in the last year, and it’s not stopping. It’s quite obvious that the common desktop computer is going to the wayside and consumers are using their mobile devices more and more. This new algorithm is giving the consumer better information as well as rewarding those who have kept up with the times and have thought about the users of the website, not just the information on the website.

Do you think you’re in an industry where your users are only using a desktop? Well, you’re wrong. Phones are getting bigger, tablets are increasing in sales and desktops are sort of becoming obsolete to the average consumer. Take the time to build a mobile friendly, responsive website and it will be worth it in the long run. Want to talk more about SEO, responsiveness and mobile friendly design? Drop us a line or connect with us on Facebook.