The Instagram Algorithm – What You Need to Know

Earlier this month,  details of Instagram’s newest algorithm were released. Instagram announced the algorithm would include a chronological order to users feed. This feature, along with additional settings, give users more control over the posts that they see.

Here is what you need to know about how it all works:

Your Instagram feed isn’t just based on who you follow, it’s also based on who and what you like. Instagram tries to personalize your feed based on your past account behavior, including how you interact with other accounts.

Instagram will predict what photos and videos will be most important to you through your actions and these top 3 factors:

Interest is simple. The more you like a post, the higher that type of content will appear.

The time factor refers to how long ago the post was posted, helping to prioritize recent posts.

Instagram is guessing your relationship with other users putting them under a “friends and family” category. The more you comment or like someone’s content the more they will appear in your feed.

Additionally, there are other factors that influence the new Instagram algorithm like how frequently you use the app, how many people you follow, and more.

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