Tips to Make Monday Your Favorite Day of The Week

Monday doesn’t have to suck. Monday can be awesome and turn into your favorite day of the week! Believe it or not, you can actually look forward to it.

Take a look at these 9 tips from on how to stop dreading Monday’s.

  1. Do something weekend-ish – Go to a happy hour, meet a friend or family member for lunch, go on a fun date, go to a movie or a festival! On Monday, do something you would normally reserve for weekends. Your Monday brain may go into shock, but you’ll be proud.
  2. Do something new or dress up – Look good, feel good. When you dress for the role you will perform better and be excited to start the week.
  3. Eat something different – treat yourself to a new meal so you don’t get stuck in your normal routine. Make it exotic, tasty and satisfying.
  4. Don’t scramble, just recoup –  Monday snooze session. Monday traffic jam. Monday office drama. Monday to-do list that’s unbelievably sky high. Monday emails. Yup, I know what all of that looks like. Rather than trying to do everything on Monday, organize and prioritize. Sort your emails and projects by level of importance. Plan out what you can do the next day and for the rest of the week.
  5. Change up the music selection – Create a brand new Pandora station or listen to your favorite song from 10 years ago. Again, these little pick me ups make all the difference. If you’ve never listened to music while you work, try it out. It’s not for everyone, but my stations definitely get me through the week.
  6. Add a picture to your workspace – It could be your spouse, your pet or your favorite place you’ve visited. Let your eyes fall on the things that you know make you happy.
  7. Hydrate – Keep water by you at all times and spice it up with something fun. I add frozen fruit, cucumbers or lemons to my water. Your brain will operate more smoothly and you’ll feel better overall moving Monday up on the awesome scale.
  8. Smile and show thanks – Remind yourself of your opportunities and show appreciation to anyone who has helped you get there, including yourself!
  9. Plan something to look forward to – Whatever it is, it doesn’t have to be Monday. In fact, I would recommend planning it for mid or later in the week. It feels so nice having something fun and exciting to look forward to outside of work.

“Monday” isn’t the same day for everyone. Maybe it’s not the same day each week. Maybe it’s just the day you have meetings or appointments. Either way, make it awesome.

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