Twitter (finally) Revamps Character Limit

Twitter has recently implemented changes within their character limits, they’re saying that they will no longer count usernames, photos, videos, GIFs, and polls to a tweet’s total. This is a rejoice to many businesses and bands who often found themselves tied down from adding media content in order to stay within the limit. Furthermore, the new limit will better serve companies dealing with the customer service end of twitter, as they won’t have to overflow their conversation into multiple tweets. The update will also give an opportunity for brands and companies to showcase how they respond to customers because now when you start a conversation with @username it will be public to all your followers, unlike before.  

There are some limitations though, because unlike other media content, links will be counted toward a tweet’s overall total. Logically, this makes sense because Twitter is looking for people to engage and interact within the social media site, not elsewhere. The character amount is also not changing, as the 140 limit will remain the same as it was before. There is talks about expanding that number, but wouldn’t count on that happening in the any near future as Twitter prides itself on being the fast and quick social media source that isn’t overwhelmed with clutter. Lastly, the long-requested edit feature, to help correct embarrassing misspells, was also not addressed in this most recent update. It will be interesting to see if Twitter decides to eventually implement it in the future as the company is always looking for ways to improve how you have conversations on the site. What do you think?

These changes will start to take place on an undisclosed date within the next few months. We look forward to diving into the analytics and data to see what effects, if any, this update will have for businesses and brands on Twitter.