Web Design Trends of 2022

Looking for new ways to design your website? Want to stay on top of trends? Here are three different web design techniques that are dominating 2022.

Drag Interactions are designed to imitate a physical action, allowing the user to move objects on the screen. The mouse acts as an extension of the user’s hand, allowing them to pick up and guide objects, elements, and even the entire screen. This adds a more interactive experience to the user that pulls them deeper into your site. 


The Body Shop Body Butters is a great example of a successful interactive digital experience. Their site has many elements that may peak user interest from video animations to different interactive elements, such as a drag down bar located in the top right corner of the homepage. If the user drags this bar down, their screen starts to rain down different types of body butters that their shop offers. Not only does using drag interactions allow users to react to a site for a longer period of time, but it allows them to feel in control of their user experience.

Brutalism is a unique way that your website can stand out, and still prioritize simplicity. The term brutalism is often associated with architecture, and is derived from the French béton brut, meaning raw concrete. This architecture style emphasizes materials, textures, and construction, often creating a raw look.

The same is true in regard to this type of web design. Brutalist web design is the act of creating a more unique, unconventional structure to your site that may be jarring for users at first glance. 


A really great example of Brutalism is Chrissie Abbott. There is simplicity in her site, but it also contrasts what a typical web design may look like. There are stark visuals, asymmetry, and a distinct lack of hierarchy that catches the user’s eye. Using brutalism web design can help your site stand out amongst the vast majority of traditional sites.

Animated Illustrations are a great way to enhance the usability and personality of a website. Using illustrations allow for websites to convey complex ideas that they may not otherwise be able to with lifestyle photos. It can deliver a brand message instantly, saving the user time while simultaneously capturing the values of your brand. This can increase brand awareness and illustrations create a brand with a stronger visual identity, creating an emotional impression on the users. 

NewAction is a website that engages their users with animated illustrations. When landing on their homepage there are many icons that you can click on in order to move around the site. When hovered over a specific icon, it will move around in small circles adding life to the page. This site is a good example of using animation in a functional way. There is a categories column on the right hand side that corresponds to each icon, giving the users an understanding of what each represents.

Taking the time to learn more about web design trends will improve your user’s online experience. There are many small changes you can make in order to improve your site, and these three trends are a great place to start! 


By Jada Wald