When Selfies are a Bad Idea

In honor of #NationalSelfieDay.

Believe me, we love a good selfie. But we all can admit there are times when we should not use them. We’ve made a list of them for your reading pleasure.

Using one as your LinkedIn profile picture

Just don’t do it. It looks unprofessional. And no, you won’t get away with it if you’re in an “artsy” field. Trust me.

If you’re at Memorials/Concentration Camps/Funerals/Cemeteries/Holy Sites

I mean, really? I’m sad I have to even include this one. 

While driving

I know, I know, you feel cool with the windows down and your shades on and the sun hits you just right, but AT LEAST wait till you’re at a red light. Don’t let this selfie be your last.

At the gym

We’ve all seen enough.

When you’ve had a couple drinks

So you’ve had a few drinks and suddenly you feel like you’ve never looked better. We’ve all been there. Maybe just don’t post them until tomorrow morning. Sober-you will thank you for it.

Any time you think you *need* a selfie stick

Just ask a stranger to take your picture. It’ll turn out way better and no one’s arm will cover half the photo.

Selfie on, my bold friends!