Junior Snacks

Branding / Web Design / Packaging
Junior Snacks, a Southeastern Wisconsin snack producer was looking to create the brand for their new gourmet popcorn business, a website, and packaging for their line. It was essential to show the variety of flavors and make it easy for retailers to make quick and educated choices.


A store locator was built into the site so Junior Snacks could support its retail partners. Locators are very mobile-friendly for the shopper. Other website essentials were ingredients, nutrition, flavors, and available sizes. And thinking about the future, this site is ready for eCommerce with few changes.

Web Design

The packaging creative for Juinor Snacks was to be bold and easy to see on store shelves. The use of strong colors helped "identify for the eye the vivid flavors inside".

Packaging Design

Foresite worked closely with the printer on label development. Each flavor and size had different content.
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